Hello. I'm Beth Wilson.

As a photographer, it may be (certainly is) a bit cliché to quote one of the most well-known artists from the field (pun intended). However, this observation from a professional observer is meaningful to me and reflective of the experience I wish to offer.

I bring to the practice of photography my love for all things memorable, my fascination with details, and a passion for family history, traditions, and conversations that start with "Do you remember when..."

Capturing genuine smiles (or frowns, pouts, snarls, etc.) is something so special; it is a gift that I treasure above most others I have been given. I wish to use that gift to help you look at yourself in my photos and love what you see. I want to help you grab ahold of those times of life that beg to be remembered.

Also: I will go to my grave defending the Oxford comma; I am a prolific baker; and I want fries...almost always.

Happy photo of yours truly by the talented Laura House of House Photography



“Our favorite small business, photographer and friend, Beth, will capture all your special memories and make capturing them so so special as well. I could go on about her for days. Beth's grace and wisdom, along wih the uncanny ability to make people feel at ease and like you've known her for ten years, not ten minutes is a gift and an art. What a joy to have her friendship and her bear witness to and capture these special moments in time.”